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We believe that sleep is that that should be well spent – as the average person spends an average of 8 hours a day resting in bed. We craft a place to think and dream, to relax and recharge – a foundation of support for so many other things in life from a family’s love to personal repose.

With high quality comfort and purposeful design, King Koil aims to deepen the honest connection between home and rest. King Koil is more than a mattress – we are an essential element of daily well-being and in a way – a home all on its own.

King Koil mattresses– Chiropractor tested.  Chiropractor trusted.

Established in 1898 by American Samual Bronstein, King Koil is interntionally recognised for its unparalleled comfort and quality. King Koil utilises a signature 5-zone individual pocketed spring system and Excellent Edge® foam encasement to provide a premium sleep experience and optimal spinal support.

King Koil and the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) have worked together since 1967 to design mattresses to promote optimal spine support.

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Product Features

KK Icons_5 Zone

5 Zone Individually Pocketed Barrel Shape Spring

Specialized contour zones are created through the use of higher gauge individual pocketed spring at vital parts of the body, to provide extra support where you need it most..It conform to your body contours and ensure that the body is at a neutral position whilst you are asleep. Our individual pocketed springs reduce motional transfer, minimisng disturbance to your partner and contributes to an uninterrupted sleep.

KK Icons_Edge Foam Case

Excellent Edge® High Resilience Foam Encasement

Our mattresses are fitted with our signature Excellent Edge® High Resilience Foam Encasement.

This increases the overall stability of the mattress and allows the sleeper to maximise the sleeping surface from edge to edge. It also provides a firm seating edge – so that you rest at the side of the mattress without experiencing a roll-off sensation.

KK Icons_100% Latex

100% Natural Latex

Natural Latex which is extracted from rubber tree sap,

is natural and eco-friendly. It is breathable – minimising the accumulation and retention of moisture and heat. Natural latex provides a responsive sleep surface for pressure relief and optimal support. It conforms to the body contour and absorbs body movement – ensuring a good night’s rest. Natural latex also has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for use by customers with allergies.

KK Icons_Memory Foam

Visco Elastic (Memory Foam)

Developed for NASA in the 1970s, visco elastic was designed to relieve pressure experienced by astronauts in outer space. It reacts to our body temperature and moulds to our body contours, thereby distributing our body weight evenly. Given its properties, memory foam provides relief from back aches and pressure sores.

KK Icons_Micro-gel


King Koil’s original Micro-Gel® is made in Korea. It emulates the lightness and air-trapping abilities of natural goose down – without the odourless. It is hypo-allergenic as it is treated with Ultrafresh – that prohibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus.

KK Icons_Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover

To ensure that you have a goodnight’s sleep, our mattress covers are treated with anti-microbial treatment – that prohibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites. In addition, we offer a wide selection of premium treatments to enhance your sleep experience.

KK Icons_Anti Mosquito


Treatment that is certified to repel mosquitoes from the mattress, ensuring that your loved ones sleep safely.

Natural Yarns

KK Icons_Eucalyptus

Natural Yarns


Gives our mattress a super soft touch and provides excellent temperature regulation with high breathability properties.

KK Icons_Bamboo


Has a high level of moisture absorbency and excellent permeability, keeps your body cool during warm nights and snug during cool nights. Bamboo also has deodorizing and hypo allergenic features.


KK Icons_CoolMax

Cool Max

Regulates the moisture of the sleeping surface by absorbing moisture and causing it to evaporate faster than other mattress covers. It keeps the temperature of the sleeping surface cool.

KK Icons_TempRight


Regulates the temperature of the sleeping surface by absorbing excess heat when the sleeper’s body is warm and releasing store heat when the sleeper’s body is cold. This results in a constant micro climate where the temperature is well regulated for better sleeping comfort.

KK Icons_Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Nourishes and regenerates the skin and also enhances energy balance, allowing the sleeper to sleep better.

KK Icons_Argentum Plus

Argentum Plus

Contains silver ions that has antibacterial properties. The silver prevents the multiplication of bacteria and reduces allergies. It also regulates the moisture of the sleeping surface by absorbing moisture and cusing it to evaporate faster than other matteress covers.


Royal Comfort Collection

Bring the legacy of Royal Comfort to your home. Sleep like a Royalty with our meticulously crafted mattress that offer a perfect mix of luxury and comfort.

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Hotel Collection

King Koil is the preferred hospitality partner of global hoteliers and serviced residences. We have been equipping hotels and serviced residences with the piece de resistance of their rooms – the beds. Let us help you to bring your hotel sleep experience to your home. Our Hotel Collection gives you the luxury and comfort of a hotel bed in the comfort of your own home.

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World Edition

Better rest meets peace of mind in the World Edition. Designed to provide a luxurious sleep experience, thoughtful details merge with premium features for optimal comfort and all-night support.

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Other Models

Everything your body craves for a comfortable night’s sleep all packaged in these mattresses. Slip into this sleep oasis and experience the comfort all night through

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